These tables can be used as a reference ONLY. They are correct to the best of our knowledge. Please contact MPI Morheat if you would like to order a replacement part.

Gentran P/NMPI P/NOutputPressure RangeStem / Flex / TCConnector
GT75-5CMK75-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75-1KMK75-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75-1.5KMK75-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75-3KMK75-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75-5KMK75-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75-10KMK75-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75-15KMK75-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75/J-5CMK75/J-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75/J-1KMK75/J-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75/J-1.5KMK75/J-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75/J-3KMK75/J-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75/J-5KMK75/J-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75/J-10KMK75/J-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75/J-15KMK75/J-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75/K-5CMK75/K-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75/K-1KMK75/K-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75/K-1.5KMK75/K-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75/K-3KMK75/K-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75/K-5KMK75/K-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75/K-10KMK75/K-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75/K-15KMK75/K-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75D6-5CMK75D6-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75D6-1KMK75D6-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75D6-1.5KMK75D6-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75D6-3KMK75D6-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75D6-5KMK75D6-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75D6-10KMK75D6-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75D6-15KMK75D6-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD6-5CMK75/JD6-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD6-1KMK75/JD6-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD6-1.5KMK75/JD6-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD6-3KMK75/JD6-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD6-5KMK75/JD6-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD6-10KMK75/JD6-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD6-15KMK75/JD6-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD6-5CMK75/KD6-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD6-1KMK75/KD6-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD6-1.5KMK75/KD6-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD6-3KMK75/KD6-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD6-5KMK75/KD6-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD6-10KMK75/KD6-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD6-15KMK75/KD6-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75D8-5CMK75D8-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75D8-1KMK75D8-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75D8-1.5KMK75D8-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75D8-3KMK75D8-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75D8-5KMK75D8-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75D8-10KMK75D8-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75D8-15KMK75D8-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD8-5CMK75/JD8-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD8-1KMK75/JD8-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD8-1.5KMK75/JD8-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD8-3KMK75/JD8-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD8-5KMK75/JD8-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD8-10KMK75/JD8-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/JD8-15KMK75/JD8-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD8-5CMK75/KD8-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD8-1KMK75/KD8-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD8-1.5KMK75/KD8-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD8-3KMK75/KD8-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD8-5KMK75/KD8-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD8-10KMK75/KD8-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75/KD8-15KMK75/KD8-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A-5CMK75A-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75A-1KMK75A-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75A-1.5KMK75A-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75A-3KMK75A-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75A-5KMK75A-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75A-10KMK75A-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75A-15KMK75A-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem6S (Gentran)
GT75A/J-5CMK75A/J-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75A/J-1KMK75A/J-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75A/J-1.5KMK75A/J-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75A/J-3KMK75A/J-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75A/J-5KMK75A/J-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75A/J-10KMK75A/J-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75A/J-15KMK75A/J-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type J6S (Gentran)
GT75A/K-5CMK75A/K-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75A/K-1KMK75A/K-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75A/K-1.5KMK75A/K-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75A/K-3KMK75A/K-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75A/K-5KMK75A/K-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75A/K-10KMK75A/K-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75A/K-15KMK75A/K-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type K6S (Gentran)
GT75AD6-5CMK75AD6-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75AD6-1KMK75AD6-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75AD6-1.5KMK75AD6-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75AD6-3KMK75AD6-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75AD6-5KMK75AD6-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75AD6-10KMK75AD6-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75AD6-15KMK75AD6-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stemD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD6-5CMK75A/JD6-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD6-1KMK75A/JD6-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD6-1.5KMK75A/JD6-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD6-3KMK75A/JD6-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD6-5KMK75A/JD6-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD6-10KMK75A/JD6-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD6-15KMK75A/JD6-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD6-5CMK75A/KD6-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD6-1KMK75A/KD6-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD6-1.5KMK75A/KD6-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD6-3KMK75A/KD6-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD6-5KMK75A/KD6-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD6-10KMK75A/KD6-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD6-15KMK75A/KD6-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD6 (Dynisco)
GT75AD8-5CMK75AD8-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75AD8-1KMK75AD8-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75AD8-1.5KMK75AD8-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75AD8-3KMK75AD8-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75AD8-5KMK75AD8-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75AD8-10KMK75AD8-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75AD8-15KMK75AD8-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stemD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD8-5CMK75A/JD8-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD8-1KMK75A/JD8-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD8-1.5KMK75A/JD8-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD8-3KMK75A/JD8-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD8-5KMK75A/JD8-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD8-10KMK75A/JD8-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/JD8-15KMK75A/JD8-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type JD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD8-5CMK75A/KD8-5CmV/V500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD8-1KMK75A/KD8-1KmV/V1000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD8-1.5KMK75A/KD8-1.5KmV/V1500psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD8-3KMK75A/KD8-3KmV/V3000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD8-5KMK75A/KD8-5KmV/V5000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD8-10KMK75A/KD8-10KmV/V10000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)
GT75A/KD8-15KMK75A/KD8-15KmV/V15000psi3.5″ stem + TC Type KD8 (Dynisco)